Building with integrity

High performance and integrity are the foundations of Holcim’s long-term success. Our Code of Business Conduct and policies, paired with common sense and good judgment, ensure that all business affairs are conducted with utmost integrity.

Holcim’s Code of Business Conduct is binding for the entire Group and is found within our internal regulations. It offers guidelines and examples regarding integrity in the workplace, business practices and community.

The Code:

  • Aligns all directors, officers and employees on Holcim’s commitment to integrity in business
  • Assists all employees to put our integrity commitments into practice
  • Ensures that the Group adheres to laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate

Download Holcim’s Code of Business Conduct

Responsible sourcing in our supply chain

Holcim’s approach to sustainable development includes our relationships with suppliers. Our supplier partnerships help us address climate change, drive a circular economy, and improve living standards for all.

In seeking long-term relationships with suppliers, our goal is to demonstrate responsible supply chain management while securing appropriate value-for-cost procurement for the Group and its customers. All Holcim suppliers are required to adhere to the standards within our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and to apply the same principles within their supply chains.

Download Holcim’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Integrity line

The Integrity Line was established as an anonymous platform to raise any question or concern regarding Holcim's business practices.

The system enables employees anywhere in the world to exercise their whistleblowing rights by reporting any breach of the rules laid out in our Code of Business Conduct.