Health, safety and environment

Industry-leading HSE ambitions

Holcim sets high standards for health, safety and the environment (HSE). Our goal is to conduct our business with zero harm to people while minimizing our environmental footprint. We embed HSE processes within our management systems to position our business for success.

Our Ambition “0” HSE strategy

In 2017, we launched our Ambition “0” strategy, which focuses on seven areas:

On-site safety, zero-harm culture, systems and processes, road safety, control of health risks, environmental excellence and contractor partnerships.

Processes are outlined within our HSE Standards, guiding documents and governance systems to ensure a consistent approach across all areas.


“Since the launch of the Ambition ‘0’ strategy in 2017, we have reduced our lost-time injury rate by 53%. In 2021, 98.3% of our sites reported zero lost-time incidents. This is a great achievement but the journey is not over. We remain determined to achieve zero harm.”


Operating model for HSE success

To structure our HSE approach, Holcim developed an operating model based on three pillars.

Critical risk management

To eliminate serious injuries and fatalities, Holcim launched the Critical Control Management program in 2021. Following a careful review and analysis of past serious incidents, we developed a digital application that verifies critical controls at all sites worldwide on a quarterly basis.

Workforce engagement

Holcim is committed to engaging all employees and contractors on HSE matters daily. In 2021, we rolled out the Boots on the Ground program worldwide. The initiative includes a digital application that drives employee engagement and provides managers with tools to enhance the work environment and support the safe execution of the job.

Continuous improvement

Holcim is committed to regularly improving its HSE management systems. Our Group management system is compliant with ISO 14001 and 45001 and validated by Lloyd’s Register. Examples include fugitive dust assessments, and reduction efforts are completed in every country where we operate. We offer health and safety modules within our digital reporting platform, iCare, as well as digital audit and process safety tools.

Tracking our HSE progress

Since launching the Ambition “0” strategy, Holcim is proud to have made significant strides forward in the journey to zero harm in our business:
More than 98% of our sites

reported zero lost-time incidents in 2021

99% of total electricity consumption assessed

in ongoing projects for optimization and greener sourcing

More than 20% reduction

in our lost-time injury frequency rate between 2020 and 2021

Health and safety are at the heart of everything we do – backed by detailed action plans to reduce risk and approach zero harm.

Holcim strives for operational excellence in its environmental stewardship and emissions reduction efforts. Our multi-pronged strategy focuses on natural resource management, pollution prevention and waste reduction.

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