Duro-Last roofing systems: Energy efficiency and circularity in action

Roofing systems are key to making buildings energy-efficient and sustainable while in use, contributing to decarbonizing cities.

Driven by leading brands, proprietary technologies and custom-made solutions, Duro-Last is a leader in circularity and energy efficiency in the commercial roofing sector, making it a natural fit for Holcim’s growing Solutions & Products business and the larger family of brands united under our mission to decarbonize building from foundation to rooftop.

A US leader in advanced flat roofing systems, Duro-Last’s single-ply thermoplastic technology complement and strengthen Holcim’s integrated roofing offer, building on its leading EPDM and TPO solutions.

Duro-Last opens great cross-selling opportunities with new sales channels and an expanded customer base. It will deliver significant synergies with increased system-selling including Holcim’s insulation and installation solutions. With 90% of sales in re-roofing, Duro-Last strengthens Holcim’s position in the resilient repair market.

Recognized for its leadership in innovation and sustainability, its Research & Development organization is continuously expanding its range of proprietary technologies and custom-made solutions for superior performance.

Duro-Last’s systems range from cool roofs, enhancing buildings’ energy efficiency, to its award-winning “Recycle Your Roof” program, driving circularity in roofing. It is also the first company in the United States to offer third-party verified environmental product declarations for its thermoplastic roofing solutions.

With these credentials, Duro-Last’s systems are in line with the most advanced green building certifications, such as LEED.

Driving energy efficiency, enhancing thermal comfort

Building new from old with 40 million kg of materials recycled into new building solutions

Helping customers obtain LEED and Green Globes certifications

Energy-efficient, cool and solar-enabling commercial roofs


Duro-Last’s offer spans high-quality insulating roofs, cool roofs and solar-enabling roofs, exceeding industry standards for reflectivity and thermal insulation.

Duro-Last's range of roofing systems:

  • Duro-LastⓇ Membrane 

  • Duro-Last X™ Membrane

  • Duro-Life™ 600

  • Duro-TuffⓇ Membrane

  • Duro-FleeceⓇ Membrane

  • Duro-Fleece PlusⓇ Membrane 

  • Duro-LastⓇ EV Membrane

  • Metal Retrofit

  • Duro-Shield™ Coatings and Materials

  • Metal Roof and Wall Systems

Duro-Guard is Duro-Last’s comprehensive and best-selling range of thermal roofing insulation systems, improving energy efficiency and reducing heat loss.

Duro-Last’s ENERGY STAR-qualified Bright White Membrane reflects up to 87% of the sun’s energy, leading to significantly lower energy demand for cooling systems, which accounts for 10% of all global electricity consumption, while also combatting the urban heat island effect.

Duro-Last’s roofing systems and accessories are also ideal for enabling solar roofs, like at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall, where the prefabricated white PVC roof membrane was used for the solar panel’s base.

What is a heat island?

Heat islands are urbanized areas that experience higher temperatures than surrounding rural areas. This is due to a higher concentration of human-made infrastructure that absorbs and re-emits the sun’s heat more than natural landscapes.

Circularity in roofing


Duro-Last has a focus on recycling at every step of the product lifecycle. In addition to its manufacturing process that allows excess material to be recycled back into production, its custom-fabricated roof systems allow roofing contractors to reduce scrap on the job site.

The manufacturing waste and the end-of-life roofs recovered through the “Recycle your Roof Program” are turned into a variety of new, complementary roofing accessories and commercial and industrial flooring materials. To date, Duro-Last has recycled nearly 40 million kg of materials into new building solutions.

Long history of helping customers build sustainably

With over 185 million m2 of Duro-Last solutions installed throughout North America since the company’s founding in 1978, Duro-Last is making buildings sustainable at scale.

Duro-Last published the first product-specific Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its custom-fabricated, thermoplastic single-ply roofing systems in North America.

The Duro-Last single-ply roof membrane is also helping customers obtain green building certifications such as LEED and GBI’s Green Globes.

Duro-Last's leading Research & Development team is continuously expanding its range of proprietary technologies and custom-made solutions for superior performance.

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What is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

An EPD is a document that quantifiably demonstrates the environmental impacts of a product. This type of environmental impact data assists building contractors, architects and designers in making more informed purchasing decisions.

Making buildings sustainable in use

Seventy percent of buildings’ CO2 emissions happen when they are in use. Our Solutions & Products, from roofing and insulation to green retrofitting, are making buildings more energy-efficient and durable. We are becoming a global leader in roofing systems, including green, solar-enabling and cooling roofs all the way to shingles with clean air technology inside to make buildings sustainable in use, and bring more nature into cities making them healthier.

Holcim combines some of the most iconic brands in roofing, insulation and waterproofing. Our product offering ranges from pitched residential roofs to flat commercial roofing to cover the full range of roofing system applications as well as wall insulation solutions.

Holcim completed the acquisition of Duro-Last in April 2023, becoming a USD 4 billion roofing player in the high-growth USD 40 billion roofing market. Duro-Last is a US leader in advanced flat roofing systems, with pro forma net sales of USD 540 million.

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