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Holcim has made enormous strides in driving a more sustainable construction industry, yet our journey has only just begun. We remain steadfast in our commitment to expanding our offering of low-carbon products and solutions as part of our path to net zero.


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Innovation drives us at Holcim. Headed by our global Innovation Center in Lyon, France, we lead the industry’s largest R&D organization. This innovation hub brings together more than 200 skilled researchers to work on active patents in various fields.

Our “Strategy 2025 – Accelerating Green Growth” lays out a pathway for Holcim to become the world leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. From our ECOPact concrete to energy-efficient roofing systems, innovative building solutions will fuel profitable growth across our business. We continue to deploy smart technologies and digitalization while pursuing our objective to operate at least one net-zero plant by 2030.

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CCUS: a key component of our net-zero journey

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies separate and concentrate CO2 from industrial processes for safe storage, recycling or capture. We have engaged in over 30 CCUS pilot projects, including:

  • Westküste100
    Transforms captured CO2 into climate-friendly aviation and heating fuel
    Uses an innovative end-of-pipe solution to remove and reuse CO2 from cement manufacturing
  • Carbon2ProductAustria
    Repurposes captured CO2 in high-quality plastics, olefins and alternative fuels
  • ECCO2
    Capture CO2 from flue gas and uses it to accelerate crop production


We are always on the lookout for new talent to drive our innovation efforts forward. If you’re searching for an inspiring, inclusive and rewarding career in the building solutions industry, come shape the future at Holcim!

*As voted by Fast Company in 2022.


Inspiring architects with Holcim advanced building solutions

Architects inspire us to create innovative solutions for smart and sustainable construction. Designing buildings to be both attractive and functional requires advanced building solutions. That means products with high compression resistance, ductility, durability, efficiency, insulation and aesthetics.

To provide the right solutions for their projects and facilitate smart design, Holcim partners with numerous architecture firms and organizations:

  • Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Norman Foster Foundation
  • Venice Architecture Biennale
  • Dezeen: architecture and design magazine
  • Domus Forum



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