To reinvent how the world builds for a net-zero and sustainable future, Holcim launched Holcim MAQER Ventures, our corporate venture capital and open innovation unit.

Through venture capital, venture clienting and an accelerator program for leading startups within the construction sector, Holcim MAQER Ventures is part of Holcim’s green growth engine.

Beyond equity minority investments, Holcim MAQER Ventures gives startups access to Holcim’s global operations and technical expertise. This includes access to the operations and market in 60 businesses worldwide as well as the largest R&D center in the building sector, with expertise cutting across the value chain from materials science and carbon capture to AI and computational design.

At Holcim, we’re always on the lookout for new solutions to today’s main challenges for the building materials industry, and startups are a growing avenue of innovation, new ideas and approaches. With the launch of Holcim MAQER Ventures, we will build on our previous successes with Holcim MAQER by offering startups market access, expertise and network to grow a partnership beyond a sole financial investment so that we continue reinventing how the world builds.

Bengt Steinbrecher| Head of Digital Partnerships

Venture Capital


Holcim MAQER Ventures invests into companies predominantly at an early stage that have a relationship with Holcim and where we can move the needle for growth.

The investment verticals include:


Sustainable Building
Disrupting the way material is produced and used in the built environment to drastically reduce emissions, benefiting both construction and society


Efficient Building
Organizing the fragmentation across the construction process and industry by bringing together the entire construction value chain and lifting barriers to efficiency


Transformative Building
Innovating new materials and technology to entirely transform the future of building

Venture Clienting


Through venture clienting, Holcim brings innovative startup solutions to its global operation and becomes an early reference customer for the startup.

How it works:


Startups can prove their innovative solution within the Holcim business under real life circumstances. They receive valuable feedback from in-field experts and build evidence for further growth.


Startups gain access to the construction industry through a partnership of equals. Holcim MAQER Ventures helps them acquire real business.


Startups can sell to more than 60 Holcim businesses worldwide (a more than $30 billion market leader in building materials).

Accelerator Program


The Holcim Accelerator is a unique startup accelerating program, with the aim of accelerating sustainable construction and disruptive solutions. In collaboration with leading international corporate partners, this intensive 6-month program accelerates an innovative construction method or solution that benefits the environment.

What it offers:

  • A unique acceleration program to foster innovation collaboration along the construction value chain
  • Access to different market conditions and facilities across geographies, with country specific resources
  • High-level mentoring with top managers of several major companies of the construction industry
  • Co-creation with a powerful mix of entrepreneurial, business and technical expertise
  • Possibility to undertake pilot tests and demonstrators

Overview of the past 3 seasons

Total applicants
Total alumni
Countries involved

Success stories so far


We have already worked with more than 1,600 technology players to scale up innovation in the construction sector. Solutions range from digitizing the construction site or plant to providing affordable housing and designing the low-carbon building materials of tomorrow.

Find out more about Holcim MAQER Ventures and the success stories so far on its dedicated website:

Holcim MAQER Ventures

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