R&D at Holcim

Industry-leading R&D programs

Holcim develops the most innovative products, solutions, services and advanced manufacturing processes. Working in close collaboration with our partners, customers and academic researchers, our best-in-class R&D teams leverage innovation to support sustainable buildings in use.

Innovation center

In our industry-leading R&D Center in Lyon, more than 200 skilled researchers come together to develop smart design and green buildings. Our expertise spans advanced engineering, material science, artificial intelligence and more.


Digitizing our business for green growth

At Holcim, we are deploying proprietary digital systems to accelerate green growth across our business.

We have developed a suite of digital services to provide real-time information for effective decision-making in building concrete structures. We can build faster, in a cost effective manner, while delivering the highest level of quality and reducing our environmental impact.

Our predictive CemQ platform leverages machine learning algorithms to predict cement quality in real time. We use the Plants of Tomorrow Performance and Collaboration Tool (PACT) within our operations and the Transport Analytics Center (TAC) for logistics. Finally, our connected customers have access to client services via our ConcreteDirect app.

Creating new opportunities for customers and employees

Architects and engineers need high-quality building solutions that feature compression resistance, ductility, longevity, eco-efficiency, insulation and aesthetics to meet today’s challenges.

Holcim’s innovative building solutions make it possible for architects to transform their unique vision into durable and iconic buildings all over the world. For example, our Ductal® ultra high-performance concrete offers unmatched qualities of compression resistance, low porosity and ductility, making it an ideal choice from bridges to intricate façades.

We believe that collaboration is key to innovate and differentiate in our industry. We are continuously recruiting new talent with innovation-driven mindsets to move our business forward. Holcim is listed one of Fast Company's Best Workplaces for Innovators 2022.

“At Holcim, we know that innovation is permanent and fast-moving. To stay at the leading edge of our industry, we track the latest trends and innovations while continuously growing our capabilities. Our next-generation technologies and solutions are helping decarbonize building.”


Building progress for people and the planet

Our R&D approach is based on forging strong partnerships with leading research institutions and start-ups to innovate for sustainable construction and build a greener world.

At Holcim, we look to the future to create a world that works for all, and we are convinced that we need the brightest minds to help us lead the next frontier of building solutions.

The world is rapidly evolving. Holcim’s R&D teams are constantly innovating and developing smart construction solutions to address the new challenges facing the world today.

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