Smart construction

Advancing the construction industry through innovation

Holcim develops smart construction technologies and processes aimed at helping our customers face the growing challenges of a rapidly evolving world, while adapting to our natural environment.

Building smarter with next-generation technologies

Holcim is pushing the boundaries of innovation to shape a smarter, greener world for all. We are utilizing digitalization and artificial intelligence to augment our business from end-to-end – from our plants and products to our construction materials and solutions.

We collaborate with leading academic institutions and hundreds of startups to drive innovation and build better with less. With the industry’s largest R&D organization, Holcim boasts 300 researchers and 300 active patent families balanced across the value chain. Our industry-leading Innovation Center in Lyon works in close collaboration with our regional innovation hubs to spread innovation across our markets.

Holcim is advancing the building industry by harnessing the power of advanced technologies like sensors and drones, datafication, 3D printing and machine learning within our plants and logistics. Our 3D-printed windmills, developed with GE and Cobod, are capable of producing 25% more clean power than the previous generation windmill.

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Innovating throughout our product line to decarbonize building

Holcim is developing innovative and sustainable building solutions such as low-carbon cement and high-performance concrete.

Our ECOPlanet line is the world’s first cement product featuring 20% construction demolition materials (CDM) inside. It delivers 100% performance offering at least 30% less CO2 than standard cement.

ECOPact is the industry's broadest range of low-carbon concrete. DYNAMax is the ultimate performance concrete for the most challenging engineering projects, characterized by its high strength, outstanding durability and superior rigidity.

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ORIS: the first digital app for sustainable road construction

Holcim’s ORIS digital platform is a design and sourcing tool that enables decision-makers to implement a data-driven approach to road design and material sourcing.

ORIS takes a holistic view to assessing each road design, analyzing parameters such as local resources, expected traffic and weather conditions. It then offers a complete set of appropriate design solutions with the possibility to increase road durability and lifespan by up to 3 times more than traditional means. Meanwhile, environmental footprint and costs can be reduced by up to 50% and 30% respectively.

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