Responsible Business Awards 2023

Holcim won the Circular Transition award at the 14th Responsible Business Awards hosted by Reuters Events on 1 November 2023. The announcement was made at the in-person ceremony in London where over 280 finalists from all over the world came together to celebrate sustainable excellence in business.

  • Date:  1 November, 2023
  • Location: London, UK



Reuters' Responsible Business Awards recognize strategies and organisations challenging the status quo of business and transforming the world around them for a more purpose-driven, sustainable future for all. With over 700 applications coming from 51 countries, Holcim was selected by an independent panel of 25 expert judges from all over the globe based on innovation, impact and scalability. Four world-first innovation breakthroughs at Holcim were recognized by Reuters for their huge potential to accelerate circular construction and save finite natural resources. These innovations include:

  • The world's first clinker made entirely from recycled minerals
  • The first 100% recycled cement for use in a custom concrete
  • The use for this custom concrete of recycled water and aggregates recovered from construction demolition materials (CDM), using our proprietary ECOCycle® circular technology
  • Recygénie – the first fully recycled concrete building in the world, which is being built with this custom concrete


Edelio Bermejo, Head of Innovation and R&D

The development of the world’s first fully recycled concrete in this social housing project marks a major milestone for us, as we want to make circular construction accessible to all, as the norm and not the exception. I am proud of how all the different teams worked together to put this circular innovation to work in the Recygénie project, making sustainable housing accessible to all.

Edelio Bermejo| Head of Innovation and R&D at Holcim

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ECOCycle® enables the world's first fully recycled concrete building

A 220-unit social housing complex called “Recygénie” is currently under construction outside Paris, France. Built in partnership with Seqens and using a custom concrete made with Holcim’s ECOCycle® technology, this is the first fully recycled concrete building in the world.

Building one of Vienna’s most energy-efficient schools with low-carbon materials

Holcim contributed to sustainably building one of the most energy-efficient schools in Vienna, the Bildungscampus Seestadt. It is able to cover 90% of its own energy needs thanks to a geothermal energy process that is optimized by concrete’s thermal activation properties.


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