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At Holcim, our cement range helps deliver innovative and sustainable building solutions. Our offer responds to the challenge of growing urbanization around the world, enabling lower-carbon, more durable buildings.

A broad, industry-leading offer

We offer an extensive line of innovative and low-carbon cements and hydraulic binders, including bag and bulk products. Our cement products are designed for different types of construction, and are readily available to keep your project on schedule.

Our expert R&D teams are continuously innovating to make cement more sustainable – by reducing manufacturing-related carbon emissions and closing the building materials resource loop through recycling.


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Want to find out more about our cement offer? Local Holcim teams are available to help you identify the right products and solutions for your unique requirements.

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We are making cement as low-carbon and circular as possible to decarbonize cities without compromising on performance. In North America, for example, we’re converting all our plants to produce only low-carbon cement.

ECOPlanet: making sustainable cities a reality

ECOPlanet is our global range of low-carbon cement, delivering 100% performance starting at 30% less CO2 compared to standard cement. ECOPlanet is a leading sustainable and innovative building solution, helping facilitate low-carbon construction at scale.


Susteno: recycling demolition materials

In Switzerland, we launched the world’s first cement containing 20% recycled construction demolition materials. The only resource-saving cement in Europe, Susteno limits natural resource use and reduces the amount of rubble sent to landfill.



Applications and services

Holcim’s expert R&D teams develop high-performance cements adapted for all types of projects including:

  • Precast: high early strength cements for speed and efficiency
  • Fine surfaces: ultrafine, white and sulfate-resisting cements
  • Road construction and stabilization: cements with longer setting and hardening times
  • Oil and gas wells: API-certified cements featuring consistent quality and availability worldwide
  • Renovations: lime products that mimic old building finishes while providing good workability

Holcim’s services include lab testing, training, technical assistance and consulting. In some countries premium services include 24/7 delivery, inventory management, e-billing and CO2 footprint calculators.

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